The Ikea Hack

Hello and welcome to my blog, I’m glad you have found me.

For my first post I have decided to show you a brilliant IKEA hack that I found on Pinterest (I get a lot of my inspiration from here, if you don’t know what it is Google it and educate yourself). My nail polish collection was threatening to fall off the end of my bathroom cabinet and I wanted a solution that would allow me to expand my collection and keep it neat. I used the BEKVAM spice rack for this hack (only about £3 and I bought two).

Firstly you need to put them together. A surprisingly easy process for an IKEA product, though there were a few minor swears uttered. Now I don’t have a picture of this step 1) Because I forgot and 2) Because I am an idiot, but the racks are an unfinished light wood so you don’t need to prep them for painting. (Of course you can leave them as they are in their unfinished state but mine were going into my bathroom so they needed some protection, also I wanted to.)

I used a white matte emulsion as a base coat (or two):


Then finished them off with a white gloss paint:


Then you just have to attach it to your desired wall. I found some more handy members of my family to help with this part, and much swearing ensued, mainly trying to mark where to hang the racks on the wall. An easier solution would’ve been to photocopy the back of the rack and use that as a guide, ah hindsight.

The finished racks are rather lovely though:

image1They will fit two rows of most standard nail polish bottles (the Ciate ones I have on the top rack are a bit bigger so may have to get more creative with my stacking!) I’m really pleased with this one, which is why I wanted to use it for my first post. .

Thank you for reading!

I got this hack from Jaana at This Mom’s Gonna Snap

And the BEKVAM spice racks from here



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