Gallery Wall

I moved into my current abode almost 3 years ago now and said from the beginning that I wanted to do a gallery wall. I have now finally finished it, and here’s how I did it.

First I decided on the selection of things I wanted to put up. A lot was stuff I had collected over the years and things I found beautiful and interesting but also things that held a ton of memories. Take the time to put all of the things together and see if their colours are pleasing, not only to your eye but also to your room.

Then frame all of the said items and lay them out. This helps you to envisage how they will look on your wall.

I did this for hours. And eventually came up with this. I was waiting for a few pieces, hence the empty frames.

I then photocopied the back of the frames and blutacked them to the wall. 

You can play about with the placement, as you can see I added a few bits then decided against them, but by tacking them to the wall you can move them and make it look right before peppering your wall with holes that you might not be able to cover. You can also use the markings to measure out where to nail your picture hangings.

And here is the finished article. The key in the middle was a late addition. But adds a certain something. This is obviously my taste and things that I like, so use what makes you happy. But if you like the chevron piece in the corner I will be posting a tutorial on that soon.

Happy Crafting!


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